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We're committed to creating a healthy, safe and injury-free workplace, and we want to work with service providers who share the same level of commitment.

This updated portal provides our service providers with online training for job/role based requirements, health and safety orientation tools and awareness level modules. You'll find information on our expectations and the hazards related to our operations, which will help you work safely on our sites.

Cenovus service providers are required to log on and access this training through this portal. Cenovus staff must access this training through Cenovus’s internal learning management system (TRACCESS).

Instructions for the portal:

  1. Click the “System Check” button to ensure that your computer is compatible
  2. Click the “Self Register” button and follow the instructions
  3. Once logged on, click the “What courses do I need to take” link, located at the top of the page
  4. Answer all questions and print off the list of courses and verify with your supervisor
  5. Complete identified modules

Please ensure to print off each certificate upon completion of each eLearning module. You must show all certificates on your first day.

Note: If you work on more than one site, you’ll have to take the training modules that apply to all your work locations (e.g. There are two Power Line Safety Awareness courses, one for Alberta and another one for Saskatchewan).

Help videos

Need help or have questions?

For further information regarding contractor orientation and training, review the FAQs, or contact the Cenovus Service Desk at 403-766-7799 or 1-877-768-7799 (within North America).